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Stargate: The Director's Cut

Daniel Jackson (James Spader), a controversial scientist who believes aliens used to live on earth, gets approached by Dr.Catherine Langford after he got laughed at by his fellow colleagues at a presentation where he explained his ideas.

Dr. Langford takes him to a military base where an ancient device is located which was discovered in Egypt in 1928. The device is a star gate and gives access to another world which looks quite a lot like Earth. A military team under command of Colonel Jack O’Neill (Kurt Russell) is set to go to the other side along with Daniel Jackson who is to investigate the surroundings. Once there, they get attacked by alien enemy forces and to make things even worse the star gate doesn’t seem to want to open anymore. Unfortunately, the aliens also known as Goa’ulds do know how to operate the star gate and are preparing a hugely destructive weapon which they want to send back to earth.

Sound and Vision:
The film is put on dvd in the same format as the original movie which of course very good. Bright colors, good details and contrast, nice shadow depth and darkness. The only downside qua image quality is that the director’s cut includes a couple of extra scenes which were not in the original movie and these are not always the same quality as the rest of the movie.

The soundtrack is both in Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1 extremely good. All channels are well-used and crystal clear throughout the film and also the subwoofer is used when necessary and provides some good bass feeling.

We start off with the “Stargate Promo Reel” which is some kind of journey through a couple of scenes with accompanying music. Also some of the extra added scenes are included in this. Next to that we get an audio commentary track with Roland Emmerich and producer Devlin, a picture gallery and the original movie trailer.

The very successful Stargate SG1 series started off with this movie which is a very amusing film. Don’t expect in-depth character analisys or a plot that’s hairtight. On the other hand, you get a movie which is extremely well-put if you’re looking for a relaxing movie night with some fun and entertainment. Of course, Stargate SG1 lovers HAVE to get this movie 🙂

Our Score:

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