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Starsky & Hutch

David Starsky (Ben Stiller), an overly dedicated cop, has to team up with Ken Hutchenson (Owen Wilson), who is the complete opposite of himself. When the two find a dead corpse in the water, Starsky is delighted and wants to investigate the crime. With the help of Huggy Bear (Snoop Dogg), they find a lead to a drug dealer but the problem is that they need to have evidence if they want to take him down. Time to find a way to keep close to the guy and observe him any way possible…

Sound and Vision:
As we’re used from Buena Vista, the image quality is again above par. Despite some permanent minor grain that’s present there are no problems what so ever. Bright colors, solid level of black, decent contrast, good detail, sharp image, … just the way we like it. A perfect quality that nicely portrays a 70’s atmosphere (including some scenes that are a bit too soft)

The same can be said about the Dolby Digital 5.1 track. A little emphasis on the front speakers that nicely spread the sound, crystal clear dialogues from the center speaker, surround that are subtle used except during action scenes when they really come into action, and a subwoofer that adds the necessary bass to support the movie. Warm and dynamic, just the way it should be.

– Preview Trailers of The Ladykillers, Hidalgo and Alias Season 2
– Audio commentary by director Todd Philips
– The Code is Fashion for the Bear: Snoop Dogg talks about his outfits in the movie
– Crime Scene Check: A making of where the cast&crew talk about how the movie was made. They try to be funny by being extremely negative about everything but the thing is that it sadly sounds extremely realistic as if it really was the case like that…
– Deleted scenes
– Bloopers
– Trailer

Buena Vista delivers a technically great product once again. Still, I’m not overly convinced this movie will appeal to everyone. The jokes are flat to say the least, and the whole thing seems to be made on automatic pilot and the “Making Of” where the cast&crew are nagging about each other should be funny but on the other hand sounds extremely realistic. If you’re into this kind of American movies, you might like it a lot but personally I’m still wondering who came up with the idea of making Starsky & Hutch a comedy…

Our Score:

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