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State of Emergency

Rockstar Games is back with a new PS2 game after the extremely violent GTA-series but don’t believe that they’ve seen the light and have bettered their lives : State of Emergency is even more violent than any of the GTA-games and we love it !

State of Emergency has 2 main modes : Chaos and Revolution. In each of the modes you can choose between 2 characters, with several more than can be unlocked, each with its own special skills. The goal in Chaos is really easy : create chaos.

The point is to kill as many corporation forces as possible, smash windows, blow up cars, etc… during a certain time frame. For this you’ll get points and when you break a certain record you can go up to the next stage where you’ll do exactly the same. Violence all around 🙂

During your killing spree, the mall speakers will shout at you about certain things that will give you extra bonuspoints (multipliers of your score) and all the time you’ll see hundreds of people running around in panic.

To create chaos, it isn’t enough to kick some butt, but Rockstar have made it so that weapons are available everywhere to help you. Flamethrowers, rocket launchers, baseball bats, AK47’s are just a few of the immense amount of stuff that you can use to create destruction. In fact, you can even use chairs, tables or even sandwich boards to knock someone’s head off his shoulders, all accompanied of the splashering of multiple blood doses around of course.

Next to the Chaos mode you’ve got Revolution which is supposed to be the “storyline”. Not that there is so much storyline about it, most of the time you’ll have to perform missions like kill the corporation people, destroy cars, help the telephone guy to sabotage some lines, etc. All good excuses to kick more butt.

Also there’s the ever-funny “Last Clone Standing” mode where you have to kill all corporation clones in a certain time.

The gameplay is very linear and arcade is the main word for this game. If you’re looking for an in-depth gaming experience you shouldn’t even consider State of Emergency because there’s nothing to go in-depth about. Smashing, bashing and killing are the only goals.

The graphics are also arcade-style but very good considering that you’ll constantly see loads of people running around your screen without ever having a single flicker or slowdown.

The accompanying sound are the usual techno and hip-hop soundtracks but the effects of the weapons and voices of the people are really funny and well-done.

The only real downside that I could find next to the repetitive style of gaming is the camera viewpoint which from time to time doesn’t follow all too well, making that you can f.i. turn a corner and while you try to align the camera, lots of corporation guys are already making sure you don’t harm them any more.

All in all, State of Emergency is a very fun game for a short time and if you want to have a game with which you can take a short spin after having had a stressful day, this is what you should be buying. If you’re looking for a more advanced style of gaming, don’t bother.

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