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Stay Alive

After a three of their friends die, a group of gamers get hold of Stay Alive, a beta version of a new underground horror-survival game based on the true story of a 17th century lady who was known as the “Blood Countess”. Little do they know that when starting playing the game results in them getting cursed and the Blood Countess coming for them. When one by one they start to die, they quickly realise that whatever happens in the game will happen to them in real life. While time is running out, they must find and kill the ghost of the Blood Countess before she gets her hands on them.

Sound and Vision:
The image contains two types of footage: real world and in-game scenes. The in-game sequences look like decent 3D game graphics from about a year or two ago but are nicely shown on your screen without any problems. Also the real world scenes are pretty well done with good amount of detail and decent contrast while we didn’t spot any obnoxious compression errors.

The soundtrack nicely adds atmosphere and perfectly fits the creepy feeling from the movie. Surround channels are often used for extra effects and also the subwoofer nicely gives some support.


There have been plenty of movies based on games and we’ve also had some movies about games (Brainscan). Stay Alive is on of the latter and despite the storyline itself being pretty dumb, I found it quite an entertaining movie to watch. Stay Alive manages to combine game and real-world footage in a very good way and both worlds bring forth a similar creepy feeling (which isn’t always the case with this type of movies). Even the scenes where we follow the game characters are quite fun to watch and well-done (unlike the FPS-view in Doom). I didn’t expect much from Stay Alive at first but after watching it I must conclude that it’s one of the best game-movies I’ve ever seen. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have high expectations, but even then. The acting is pretty decent and only Frankie Muniz (Malcolm in the Middle) drops the ball here and there with too much unnecessary over-acting.

If you’re looking for a decent creepy movie, I would strongly suggest checking out Stay Alive, it’s definitely one of the best movies in its genre.

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