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Stepford Wives, The

Joanna Eberhart (Kidman) is a career woman who just got fired from her job as producer for reality TV shows. Her husband Walter (Broderick) works as VP for the same company, but decides to quit his job and go live somewhere else, completely quiet and without the constant strain of a fulltime career. They head off to Stepford, the ideal town for people with money. Within no-time, they meet Mike Wellington (Walken) and his wife Claire (Close) who seem to run the whole town. The strange things however, is that everything looks a bit too perfect, especially the women. They do exactly what their men want and think of nothing but serving their husbands.

When at a dance, one of the women starts acting completely weird and Mike is called to help out, Joanna decides it’s time to investigate the matter. Meanwhile, Walter is having fun at the men’s society where he gets introduced to the secrets of the town.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is very good without any problems. Sharp image, lots of detail, good contrast and bright colors.

The soundtrack delivers clear dialogues but the surround channels are hardly used. However, that isn’t a problem as this is anything but an action movie.

– Audiocommentary track by Frank Oz.
– A Perfect World: The Making Of: interviews with the main cast & crew. Nicole Kidman strangely enough isn’t part of this feature. Pretty standard stuff.
– Stepford: A Definition: Opinion of cast & crew on the meaning of the movie
– Stepford: The Architects: interviews with the people behind the design of the remake.
– The women and men of Stepford: each star talks about his/her character in the two features that make up this extra (1 on the male and 1 one the female characters).
– Stepford: Deleted/Extended Scenes: 6 deleted scenes
– Bloopers
– Trailers

This movie is based on the book by Ira Levin and a remake from the movie that was released in 1957. Beware, however, as it’s only “loosely” based on it. There are quite some changes to what Levin has written and this movie is clearly leaning towards a comedy which means that certain sacrifices have been made. The first 45 minutes of the movie have some funny moments that can bring a decent smile on your face and some people will probably even be unable to not start laughing out loud (I’m not one of those, my wife on the other hand is). However, towards the second part of the film, the humour starts to lack and there’s nothing to fill up the gap. Tension is absent at all times and there’s no real action present either so while the beginning still has something going for it, towards the end, the movie starts to loose its appeal.

All in all, The Stepford Wives starts off as a decent movie but it makes a bit too many compromises for my liking. The only thing that keeps it standing up is the decent acting of the great cast who clearly save the movie at the end.

Our Score:

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