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Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital

Kingdom Hospital is being plagued by earthquakes that apparantly only affect the ground surrounding the hospiral. While dr. Jesse James (Ed Belgey Jr.), the director of the hospital, is working on his latest and greatest project, “Morning Air”, which should uplift the atmosphere, Peter Rickman is brought in after a car accident. While the doctors think Peter may not recover, and if he does it will be a miracle if he’ll ever be able to move again, Peter’s “mind” is contacted by a little girl who seem friends with a strange talking ant-eater-like creature called Antubis. It’s clear that the girl wants Peter’s help with something but he doesn’t know what. Meanwhile, Antubis somehow manages to let Peter regain consciousness from time to time so that he can pass on messages to other people.

Other people like the psychic Mrs. Druse who feels that there’s a ghost of a little girl in the hospital that needs help and that there are also other spirits present that are up to no good. As time grows thin, the future of Kingdom Hospital seems limited, unless Mrs. Druse and Peter manage to help the little girl and her strange friend…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is splendid with good contrast and lots of detail. Also the level of black is very good which is important for the scenes in the cellars of the hospital. Also good is the split between the “real” world and the “ghost world” where the latter is shown in black&white but doesn’t have any problems with that at all.

If you think the image quality is excellent, the sound will blow you away. This is most definitely the best soundtrack I’ve ever heard for a TV-series with very active use of both the surround speakers as well as the subwoofer. Fantastic!

– Audio commentary track by Stephen King
– Audio commentary track by director Craig Baxley, producer Mark Garliner & effects supervisor James Tichenor
– Inside The Walls: The Making of Kingdom Hospital
– Patients and Doctors: The Cast of Kingdom Hospital
– Designing Kingdom Hospital
– The Magic of Antubis

All very interesting extras that are really worth checking out. I especially liked the Magic of Antubis where you get to see how this creature was created.

This series is called “Stephen King’s Kingdom Hospital”, but in fact, King is only the producer and has written the teleplay. The series is actually based on the story “The Kingdom” by Lars Von Trier and when hearing that name, you’ll probably get a completely different idea on the series.

Kingdom Hospital is a fantastic supernatural series that combines a lot of different beliefs and religions with the gruesome death of a little girl and her ultimate savior as red line. Next to that, there’s also a lot of humour present which is perfect to relief tension. The perfect balance between the storylines, the comedy and the horror elements make this series a must have. Add to that perfect image and sound quality as well as a bunch of very interesting extras and there’s no reason not to buy this series (unless you don’t like the genre of course).

Our Score:

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