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Storm of the Century

Little Tall, a small island near the coast of Maine is getting ready to face the storm of the century. Despite having survived several storms already, this one seems to become the worst ever and due to the heavy snow, they’ll be cut off from the rest of the world for quite some time. Just before the storm is about to begin, a stranger comes along and brutally murders old dame Martha Claridan. When Robbie Beals, the town’s “mayor” goes into the house to investigate, he gets confronted with the stranger he apparently knows his every little secret. Completely upset, Robbie leaves the house until Sheriff Mike Anderson comes along to take the stranger into custody.

The man, Andre Linoge, goes along with Mike to the local prison without a problem but when they arrive, the backdoors of the prison/store don’t want to open so Mike has to bring Linoge in through the front store. There, Linoge confronts the people present with several of their secrets until Anderson pushes him forward and locks him up. From that moment on, a lot of strange things start to happen in the small town and it appears that Linoge has supernatural powers. When Anderson questions him about this, Linoge constantly states the same: “Give me what I want and I’ll go away”. But what does he want?

Sound and Vision:
The miniseries is recorded in standard 4:3 TV format which is quite strange seeing that it’s made pretty recently. Still, the image is quite decent although there’s some minimal grain present and the sharpness of the image tends to go downhill in scenes that use digital enhancements.

The Dolby Digital 2.0 track does a decent job if you’ve got a receiver that can decode it with Dolby Prologic II. Especially the music and effects from the storm will create a very atmospheric sound while the dialogues are coming nicely out of the center. The subwoofer unfortunately doesn’t get enough work.


I’ve always been a fan of Stephen King but unfortunately, his movies and TV-series aren’t always as good as his books. Storm of the Century is a bit of a mixture of both his best and worst work as it does manage to create a very intriguing story but unfortunately ends with a huge turnoff. Also the pace of the miniseries is at times too slow and can make the viewer get bored due to too little action happening. All in all, this is a very average dvd with reasonable sound and image but lacks extras and the series itself isn’t enough to convince a purchase. Rent before you buy is the advise here!

Our Score:

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