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Alex Rider is a 14-year old student who’s been living with his uncle Ian ever since his parents died. When Ian, supposedly a boring bank employee, gets killed, Alex quickly suspects that something’s wrong and his suspicions seem to be correct when he finds out that Ian was actually a spy in the service of MI6. Having been trained by his uncle, MI6 sees in him a perfect substitute and decides to hire him to finish the job Ian started; billionaire Darius Sayle wants to give the United Kingdom several Stormbreaker computers but MI6 finds the whole thing fishy and since Ian died while inspecting the matter it seems they’ve got all reasons to be suspicious. Alex is sent out as winner of a computer magazine contest to find out what Darius is up to…

Sound and Vision:
At the beginning of the movie there are some compression errors (not too disturbing luckily) but these don’t last for too long. Overall we get bright and shiny colors, plenty of detail and good contrast.

The sound is very active with good ambiance and music support from the surround speakers. Also some special effects come from the rear and the whole gets good support from the subwoofer.

Audio commentary track, trailer, teaser, B-roll and some press and promo-interviews are located on the disk along with a “Making of” and “Featurette”. Personally I think it would have been better if everything would have been molded together in one feature as now it all looks very much like an electronic press kit.

Take “Agent Cody Banks” and mix it with a bit of “Spy Kids” and you get Stormbreaker. Based on Anthony Horowitz’ books, Stormbreaker is the first movie about Alex Rider and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more coming. Don’t expect deep dialogues and a fantastic plot though, as instead you get stereotypical characters and a simplistic storyline. Still, for kids this is a fun movie and I’m sure they’ll like it a lot.

Universal delivers the dvd with decent image and sound (nice DTS track by the way) but some improvement in the extras department wouldn’t hurt

Our Score:

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