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Stranger than Fiction

Harold Crick is a very ordinary man. He works for the IRS as a tax auditor and is very good at his job but other than that he’s got a very solitary and ordinary life. Until one day he finds out he’s actually a character in an upcoming book and is about to get killed by the writer.

Sound and Vision:
The image is very decent with plenty of detail, good contrast, and no obnoxious compression errors except for some aliasing. The movie is almost fully dialogue-driven with hardly any special effects as we’re used from this type of films but the soundtrack does its job nicely and gives crystal clear dialogues.

For extras we get two audio commentary tracks, a couple of deleted scenes and the documentaries “Picture a Number: The Evolution of a G.U.I.”, “Actors in Search of a Story”, “Building the Team”, “Words on a Page” and “On the Set” which altogether give a decent view of how the movie came to exist.

Stranger than Fiction takes a known concept (fictional character meets its maker) but manages to make it more interesting thanks to a decent script, good storyline and excellent acting (both Will Ferrell and Emma Thompson are excellent). The movie truly manages to get you feeling sorry for the main character and that’s something extraordinary. Also the way things are set up nicely help with getting the viewer involved and all in all this is a movie that just about everyone can have fun watching. A comedy/tragedy/drama of excellent quality. Sony has also done an excellent job with the dvd release by not only making a decent transfer but also by adding a bunch of decent extras

Our Score:

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