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Stuck on You

Bob (Matt Damon) and Walt (Greg Kinnear) are a Siamese twin and try not to keep each other from living their own lives. Together they own a hamburger place but Walt is looking for something more. In fact, he wants to go to Hollywood to see whether he could make it as an actor there. After some heavy discussion, Bob gives in and the two head off to LA. Once there, Walt calls Bob’s internet chat girlfriend but Bob panics as he’s never told her he’s a siamese twin. Meanwhile, Walt is looking around for an acting job which isn’t easy untill they meet Cher who thinks he’s the perfect way to get rid of a contract for a TV-show. Unfortunately for Cher, the show becomes a huge success but then the media find out the Walt and Bob are conjoined together. Not only is Walt’s career now the center of attention for the press, but Bob’s girlfriend ran away the moment she found out about Bob and Walt being stuck together…

Sound and Vision:
The only minor downpoint for the image quality is some minor grain but overall we certainly can’t complain. The image is sharp, contains good depth, has good contrast and lots of detail while the colors are bright and shiny.

The soundtrack is decent with good and clear dialogues and subtle use of rear channels. The subwoofer support everything as it should.

Before getting to the menu you’ll need to struggle through some trailers
Inside Look:
– AVP: long trailer with behind-the-scenes info on “Alien vs. Predator”
– Dodgeball: teaser of this movie
Audio commentary by directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly
Deleted And Extended Scenes
It’s Funny: The Farrelly Formula: info on the different movies made by the brothers
Stuck Together: Bringing “Stuck On You” To The Screen: The Farrelly brothers give background info on how they came up with the idea for Stuck on You and which problems they had to find a studio to publish it
Making It Stick: The Makeup Effects Of “Stuck On You”: the makeup process to get Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear stuck together is explained here
Blooper Reel: bloopers. Not realy funny

The Farrelly Brothers are known from movies like My, Myself & Irene, Something about Mary and Shallow Hal. Those movies are truly great and would make you hope for the best with this one. Unfortunately, Stuck on You features Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear in the leading roles and you can’t compare those two with comedy actors like Ben Stiller, Jack Black or Jim Carrey. The level of humour here is a lot lower than in the previously mentioned movies and therefore I would urge you to rent this movie before considering purchase.

Our Score:

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