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Sublime (aka Raw Feed 2: Hospital)

George Grieves is a pretty successful married man and father of two gorgious children. The day after his 40th birthday, he has to go to the hospital to undergo a rather routine operation, but when he wakes up, things aren’t as they should be. It seems some complications have changed his situation and if that isn’t enough, it looks like the hospital, Mt. Abbadon, has some terrifying secrets laying around and things don’t look too good for him…

Sound and Vision:
The movie has quite a lot of grainy scenes and at time the amount of detail goes down a bit but I’m not sure whether or not this is done intentionally. Some scenes clearly look intentionally grainy but then there are others that appear to need sharp image when they don’t. This makes it a bit harder than usual to evaluate the image quality. Overall it’s pretty decent though.

The movie is dialogue-driven and the 5.1 track does its job nicely with crystal clear dialogues and some support from the surround speakers and subwoofer to add a little extra atmosphere.

– Audio Commentary by director Tony Krantz and writer Eric Jendresen
– Surgical Exorcism: the webcast of socio-cultural antropologist Dr. Falks with live surgery in the mountains of Peru
– Interviews with director Tony Krantz and writer Eric Jendresen

All in all a couple of extras that are worth checking out once but don’t really add much.

Sublime is the second movie in Warner’s new straight-to-dvd Raw Feed label and although it’s listed as horror (like all Raw Feed titles) I would rather see it as a psychologial thriller. As a horror movie it comes short on gore but as a thriller it’s… sublime.

Director Tony Krantz (“24”) and writer Eric Jendresen (Band of Brothers) take you on a trip through the mind of a middle-aged white male who has to explore his fears and this results in a thriller that’s intriguing and makes you want to know what the outcome is. The first half hour you’ll be wondering what you’re watching and what’s going on but as the pieces fall together, you’ll realise just how great this little movie is. Personally, I don’t see why this film was made straight for dvd as I think it deserves to have been released in theaters. We all know what kind of crap we get to see at the movies these days and this little jewel certainly would stand out of the crowd. I guess it’s probably due to the fact that the movie was made on a small budget and without big stars that it doesn’t get the attention it deserves, but on the other hand having big names in this type of movie would have probably brought it down a lot. Anyway, if you like psychological movie, Sublime is definitely one you should check out. I loved every second of it and am sure a lot of people will too (unless they expect some gory horror movie of course).

Warner’s Raw Feed label has already released Rest Stop which had some good reviews and with this second one, Sublime, it’s going in the right direction even more. Can’t wait to see more of this quality!

Our Score:

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