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Esben Storm, writer and director of a few unknown movies brings us Subterano. As he himself describes it: “Scary as hell. Frenetic. Heroic. Funny. Tragic. Sci-fi horror. A game called Subterano.”

Subterano is a low budget movie where a bunch of people get trapped in a garage and have to go level through level and fight against the “Gamesmaster” and his evil robots to survive. The original Subterano is a computer game (in the movie) but suddenly this game seems to have come to life and even on the computer nobody has managed to reach beyond level six without dying. How will these trapped people manage to survive a real version of this deadly game?

Sound and Vision:
The image of Subterano contains quite some grain in several garage scenes but it’s possible this was done on purpose by the director but it doesn’t really add to the overall view of quality. The amount of detail is decent and the image is pretty sharp when the grain doesn’t interfere. Shadow levels are good and we didn’t spot any edge enhancement and also compression errors are down to a strict minimum which is good.

The soundtrack is pretty atmospheric and has some good use of the surround speakers although you shouldn’t really expect too much effects as this isn’t a big budget movie that can throw money around on FX. The dialogues are clear and understandable and nicely positioned at the center speaker. Nothing extraordinary but it fits the purpose.

None (luckily)

Subterano is a below standard movie where people get killed one by one and in as many possible different ways. The acting is terrible, the storyline plain stupid, the characters are stereotypes made out of cardboard and there’s absolutely nothing that should be able to convince you to watch it. While “Cube” managed to be a pretty succesful low budget movie which constantly was filmed in one location, Subterano tries the same but less successfully. That this dvd isn’t even listed on the site of A-Film (publisher) may say enough

Our Score:

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