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The Winners are a rock band that’s been going through a losing streak. Their performances aren’t really appealing to the audience and even their manager advises them – in his role of manager – to sack the manager. One night, after a gig, bass player Jen parts ways with the band to go to a party but what she doesn’t realise is that she IS the party. For a bunch of vampires that is.

Little later she goes back to the band in her newfound look of bloodsucker and all of a sudden the crowds go wild. One by one the Winners all turn vamp in a means to get more suc(k)cessful but what they don’t realise is that vampire hunter Eddie Van Helsing is after them.

Sound and Vision:
The image contains quite a lot of neon, high contrast and over the top colors and contrast. Black levels are good and overall things look quite nice but not specifically demo material.

The sound comes with a good DTS-HD track that does its job fine with plenty of music coming from all channels while dialogues remain clear and well-positioned. Only minor remark we have is that there’s not so many special effects and environment sounds coming from the rear with the music overwhelming the rest a bit.

A behind the scenes documentary that lasts 45 minutes.

No romantic vamps or depressed teenagers this time. In Suck we get to see how vamps can become famous and totally rock. Literally.

Director and do-it-yourself man Rob Stefaniuk clearly has a love for rock’n’roll and displays this with a movie that runs on comedy and plenty of music. The acting is over the top, the comedy is cheezy and we even get to see Iggy Pop, Moby, Henry Rollins and Alice Cooper pass by. But is that enough to make a great movie? Unfortunately it isn’t. There are too many moments where the story just gets put on hold in favor of playing some song and even if you like the music genre, you’ll start wanting things to move on again. And they don’t always do. Take out the unnecessary singing scenes and I’m guessing you’re left with about half the time this movie plays.

Still, all in all it could have been worse. We’re being overwhelmed with romantic and troubled vampires so much lately that a film like Suck is like a breath of fresh air. Even if it isn’t all that great.

Our Score:

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