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Summer Heat Beach Volleyball

As a nice closing of the summer holidays, I got the chance to play Summer Heat Beach Volleyball, a game that plays on the summer feeling and makes an attempt at being the perfect combination between boobs and games.

Porn or games, porn or games… thé ultimate dilemma for the true (minor) gamer. We get confronted with it on a daily basis but it doesn’t make the decision any easier.
Game developers are therefor mixing both more and more. Not as an ordinary card game but a bit more subtle in the form of a normal game but with a bit more emphasys towards the female roundings. Like that, we already got DOAX, Summer Heat Beach Volleyball contains the same concept as Dead or Alive Xtreme Volleyball but whether it has learned from the mistakes of its competitor or is just a cheap ripoff with boob physics we’ll tell you here.

The gameplay of Summer Heat has been kept reasonably simple. Push X to play the ball back over the net, keep the button pressed and the madonna with the big boobies will smash the ball. With the triangle you can do a serve, with the square some special moves and blocks. If you hit the ball, the other side will show a big arrow to where the ball will end but you can alter this still by fastly pushing the arrow keys and surprise your opponent.

Qua options, Summer Heat doesn’t have much to offer. There are reasonably many modes but if you notice that things like “Beach House” – where you can check your price cabinet – are amongst them, you’ll know what I mean… We also have the arcade and exhibition mode but they look alike as two drops of water. Luckily there’s a training mode, a gift of the gods for people like myself who don’t know the rules of volleyball yet. To finish, there’s the Summer Heat US Tournament with which you can unlock players, minigames, outfits and such by winning.

Graphically the emphasis is on a summer atmosphere which we get by bright colors that go hand in hand with jumping boobs. Still, I found Summer Heat graphically disappointing; the characters are at certain moments too square and movement is too static. To get that summer atmosphere complete, you need some happy music which of isn’t lacking in the game. Your speakers will play in total 11 different songs which sound very familiar. The only disadvantage is that 11 is hardly enough and certain singers (I’m not going to name them) work on your nerves faster than a speeding bullet can kill you.

Each game will be played with 2 players on both sides of the net. Where in a normal volleyball game you can control both players of your team, here only one will respond to your commands. This means your partner will need some decent AI and although Summer Heat manages to cope with this, from time to time there are still some problems. Nothing is more frustrating than giving a pass and seeing your partner standing still on his place, seeming to watch himself grow…
If this bothers you (which it should), you can play with a friend in co-op but you’ll soon notice that playing together correctly means a lot of practice and time.

I can’t deny that I’ve had some fun with Summer Heat but this “some” was way too short. The gameplay is shallow, the AI by moments frustrating while at other moments you would praise god for it, and the satisfaction level is just too low. Summer Heat is a typical example of a game you want to rent to check out the humping boobs, but you don’t want to pay €60 to have this in your collection

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