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The sun is dying and unless mankind does something pretty quickly, we’re all about to get extinct. After the first Icarus ship that was supposed to start up a new star inside the sun got missing, a new project was set up. Icarus II is well on its way to the sun when a signal is received from the first ship. After a hefty discussion between the crew, it is decided that a small detour will be made to meet up with Icarus I so that the original package can be taken as well. After all, two chances of starting a new sun is better than one. But then things go wrong…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is very decent with good contrast, plenty of detail and hardly any compression errors that spoil the fun. Also the special effects are really cool to watch so people with a big screen will probably have something to look forward to.

The sound is also impressive. Although most of the action is inside a cramped ship and there’s a lot of dialogue, the surround speakers do get their piece of the action and so does the subwoofer.

Audio commentary by Danny Boyle, production notes, deleted scenes, alternative ending and a trailer are the standard extras you get.

Not so standard are the two short movies though. It’s rare that you find non-promotional extras and as such the inclusion of short films is a very good move. Only too bad that the second one (mole hills) is boring as hell.

Danny Boyle has done it again! After Trainpotting and 28 Days Later, he’s made yet again a movie that’s really worth checking out! Think of Sunshine as a movie that combines the atmosphere of “2001” with the action and tension of “Event Horizon” and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what you’re getting yourself into when starting up this dvd. Does that mean it’s definitely worth checking out? Hell yea! We’re missing big names in the cast but the guys and girls do a good job and Danny Boyle shows us all again his talent for making a movie that can bring tension and excitement on several levels.

Our Score:

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