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Super Princess Peach

Bowser has finally managed to do it: he’s captured Mario and Luigi! After having been rescued endless times herself, Princess Peach finds it her duty to finally return the favor to the friendly plumbers

In short, the above is the storyline for Nintendo’s latest platform game. Of course, we don’t care much about a storyline, just as long as the gameplay is alright. And I’ll give you a spoiler: it does!

The reason I bought the original GBA was to be able to play classic 2D platform games. I loved the Super Mario series and didn’t care much about the 3D platformers. At least, not on a handheld platform. With Super Princess Peach, Nintendo returns to this “ancient” gametype and adds a couple of nifty features that innovate the classic gameplay while not touching the original style.

Through eight areas filled with different stages that have an increasing difficulty level, Princess Peach jumps around and kicks ass. It’s like the original Mario games but with a different main character and I loved it!

Peach has an umbrella that she uses to get rid of Bowsers minions, but the DS brings in some new features. Peach has emotions and these can be put to good use. If you collect special gems or absorb enemies with her parasol, you can create vibes that channel her emotions to do stuff you would normally not be able to like fly through the air, burn bridges or let plants grow.

The top screen nicely portrays the actual game with the usual bright colors and nicely detailed graphics, while at the bottom screen you get to activate Peach’s vibes. A very simple yet handy control system.

The sound is decent with music that doesn’t annoy and the graphics are exactly what you would expect from a Nintendo platformer.

Well, there’s little more to tell. The gameplay is effective in its simplicity and lovers of this type of game will no doubt enjoy the added possibilities the DS has in store with Super Princess Peach.

Move over Mario, Princess Peach is here to kick ass!

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