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Super Size Me

Morgan Spurlock decides to check out whether fast food isn’t as bad as critics say and whether it’s as healthy as the industry states.

During 30 days he will eat nothing but food from McDonalds but he’ll be following rules :
– He will eat at least once every item on McDonald’s menu
– He will always eat everything that is given to him
– He will never ask for a super size menu
– When asked for a super size menu, he will always accept
– He will never skip a meal (so he eats breakfast, lunch and diner at McDonald’s)

Followed closely by three different doctors and a dietician, Morgan will find out whether fast food has a bad influence on you

Sound and Vision:
This movie is actually a documentary so that means we don’t get nice clean shots but footage taken with camera’s that are held by hand and shake. Also, the amount of detail isn’t always too great and some scenes contain some grain but this all contributes to the documentary character of the movie.

The soundtrack is nothing special, the dialogues are understandable so it’s sufficient for a documentary.

– Audio commentary by director Morgan Spurlock and girlfriend Alex Jamieson
– Director’s interview : an “interview” where we get to see Morgan Spurlock talk about several things he remembers from the project. Hardly any new stuff here
– Don Gorske – The Big Mac Expert interview : Don Gorske wrote a book on the Fast Food Industry and in this interview conducted by Morgan Spurlock we get to know a lot of extra about the industry. Very interesting.
– Four deleted scenes
– Chip Shop featurette : The Chip Shop is a new shop in the US where you can eat whatever you want as long as it’s fried. Really funny feature and if you ever want to taste a fried Mars you might want to check out the Chip Shop

Super Size Me made a lot of stirr and not without any cause. After 30 days, Morgan had gained not only quite a lot of weigth, but his health was in jeopardy and his doctors told him to stop with what he was doing immediately as he was risking permanent damage to several of his intestants. Of course, seeing someone eating McDonald’s for 30 days isn’t interesting in itself, so Morgan also traveled around the US to check out not only different McDonald’s meals but also to have interviews with people who regularly ate fast food, check out schools to see how the fast food industry is “corrupting” the youth in the US, and overall we get quite a lot of information on the whole fast food industry. If that isn’t enough, the extras contain quite a bunch of interesting things that give additional information on fast food and how the industry positions itself. All in all, a VERY interesting movie and the DVD contains more than enough extra’s to keep you busy for a while. Only too bad not all region 1 extras are present.

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