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Super Street Fighter IV

Not even a year ago Capcom released the long-awaited king of fighters Street Fighter IV. This beat’em up went back to its beloved roots and managed to have a couple of additional tricks up its sleeve as well. Both the press as well as the gaming community welcomed it with open arms and this resulted in good sales figures. Capcom now builds further on the success of Street Fighter IV and introduces new characters, arenas and combos in Super Street Fighter IV.

Why Capcom decided to put this “update” on a disc instead of releasing it as DLC is something we’ll never know, but the €40 price tag will no doubt have something to do with it. Super Street Fighter IV offers enough new content but for those that have the original and aren’t hardcore fans there’s no reason to switch. Of course, if you don’t have SFIV yet, then this game is certainly worth its money and you can add a couple of percentages to the final score.

The biggest innovation in SSFIV is no doubt the addition of no less than ten new characters, going from completely new designed blokes to oldskool characters from previous parts. This brings the already impressive cast to 35 playable characters, which would require a ton of time if you wanted to unlock all of them. Capcom luckily spent quite a lot of hours in the game themselves and unlocked the full cast already so that you can choose your beloved character already from the start.

The game has eight “recycled” fighters, namely T.Hawk, Dee Jay, Cody, Guy, Adon, Dudley, Makoto and Ibuki. Next to those also two newly designed characters are present. Hakan is a Turkish fighter who can smear himself during a fight with oil – really horny – to put some additional power behind his attacks. Juri on the other hand is a Korean Taekwondo specialist with a bionic eye that brings her fighting skills to a higher level. What I did notice about Juri were the similarities with other characters. You could say she’s a mix of Darkstalkers’ Morigan with Tekken’s Hwoarang.

According to Capcom little adjustments and tweaks have been done in the gameplay but I must admit I completely didn’t notice any of them. What did get noticed are the person-specific Ultra combos. From now on each character has two impressive Ultras, with accompanying bells and whistles.

For the veterans amongst you: get ready to lift nostalgia to the next level as Capcom has reintroduced the famous bonus stages where cars and oil dumpsters get thrashed. Hallelujah! But also in multiplayer some innovations can be found. Team Battle is a new mode and you can get at it with up to eight players in team.

Audiovisually nothing has changed. The game still looks equally good, breathes a fun and unique atmosphere and contains a catchy soundtrack. What did irritate me more than usual was the intro voice. But maybe I’m just having a bad day.

As I said, if you already have Street Fighter IV I see no reason to buy this one. If the original game just fell off your Top5 games on the wishlist, then now the time has come to buy Super Street Fighter IV. Still, it remains sad that this didn’t get released as DLC for those that have Street Fighter IV already!

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