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Super Troopers

The highway patrol are a bunch of freaking idiots and crazy guys who love to have fun. However, law enforcement budgets are going down and things don’t look too good. Chances are that the highway patrol will be terminated and that the local police corps will be taking over. Still, the highway cops don’t want to have their department terminated without a fight and they do whatever they can to save their corps. A bunch of drug trafficers and a murdered woman in a trailer seem to be the solution. If they can find the killer and bust the drug trafficers, they might just be able to save their department. But that’s counting without the police chief Grady who will do anything to get rid of the highway patrol and to have his budget increased.

Sound and Vision:
Some minor compression problems but for the rest the image quality is pretty decent with nice bright colors, good contrast and level of detail.

The soundtrack isn’t spectacular but has clear understandable dialogues. Still, some effects could have been done better and some use of the rear channels and more volume from the subwoofer would have been nice

We start off with a featurette which in true documentary style continuous the hilarious comedy by showing interviews with the characters in their natural environment and having them giving comments on the things that happened during the movie. Next up are a couple of deleted scenes of which some are so gross you might want to reconsider whether or not to watch them after you’ve just eaten something. All pretty funny stuff, unfortunately you can’t select the extra features individually and have to watch them all after each other.

Super Troopers is a hilarious slapstick comedy which actually isn’t really that funny but just so ridiculous that you can’t help but laugh from time to time. The extra’s continue this way and are a good addition to the movie. Not a high-class movie but if you’re looking for a laugh you can be sure to get it here.

Our Score:

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