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The survivors of Krypton have gathered in a special dimension where they created the city of Argon. When Kara accidentally loses one of the sources that power the city, the last remains of Krypton may very well become extinct. Therefore, Kara decides to go back to the normal dimension and leave for earth where her cousin Superman lives. With similar powers at her disposal, her search for the power source starts. However, a witch called Selena has managed to get hold of it and has no plans to give it back. After all, she wants to use it to enslave the whole world…

Sound and Vision:
Supergirl is made in 1984 and this DVD looks similar. The image is really horrible and it’s been quite a long time since we’ve seen such a bad DVD. Think of almost all types of problems you can have with image quality on a DVD and I bet you’ll spot almost all of them.

Surprisingly enough we get a Dolby Digital 5.1 track but except for some minor effects you shouldn’t expect too much from that. Dialogues are clear and understandable and overall the track does its job decently (although the music and effects from the 80s really do sound extremely dated)

– Audio commentary track by director Jeannot Szwarc and producer Michael Bosco

Supergirl is to girls what Superman is to boys. At least, it seems that’s what the makers intended it for. It’s like Barbie with some additional powerups. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Supergirl is a fun movie for kids but overall everything looks and sounds dated and while the main character is much smarter than the average earthling she’s at the same time also extremely naive. Quite a combination. A (very) simple storyline, cardboard characters, lots of time filling by letting Supergirl fly around the world, and average acting make it clear why no other Supergirl movie was ever made.

Warner seems to see this DVD as low budget material as we don’t have any decent extras and the transfer to DVD didn’t really get any upgrades on the image part. One positive thing before I forget it: Helen Slater did look awesome back in the days 😉

Our Score:

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