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Superman Returns SE

Five years after his departure to find the remains of Krypton, Superman returns to find out that the world is still filled with bad guys and to make things worse, Lois has become a mother and is having a relationship with one of her colleagues. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor, who managed to stay out of jail due to the fact that Superman didn’t show up to testify against him, is up to his dirty plans again. After finding Superman’s Fortress of Solitude at the North Pole, Lex steals and crystals from Krypton to get the alien technology in his possession and use it for his plan which will cost billions of lives…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is almost perfect. The amount of detail is impressing, everything looks hair sharp and colors are extremely bright and vivid. There are some very minor compression errors but nothing that really bothers and overall the movie looks really terrific!

Where the image is almost perfect, the sound IS perfect. All channels are perfectly used and the Dolby Digital track almost manages to get to the level of a DTS track. Great stuff!

– Requiem for Krypton: The Making of Superman Returns: and almost 3 hour documentary that shows us most aspects of the creation of the movie divided into 5 chunks that can be seen seperately or all together. Only thing not there is the post production process like special effects and music but with this feature we’re already very happy to be honest.
– Resurrecting Jor-El: feature on how the footage of the original Superman movie was used to get Marlon Brando to starr in this one.
– 11 Deleted & Extended Scenes

Superman Returns is a perfect title for this movie. Not only do we get to see one of DC Comics icons on the big screen again, but all aspects of a traditional Superman movie are present. From the first moment on you’ll be taken along on the great trip that breathes life back into the license and the simple but good storyline combined with good acting for this type of movie (especially Kevin Spacey shines again) makes us say: Superman indeed returned!

Warner delivers an excellent package with this 2-disc Special Edition with very good image quality and an excellent soundtrack combined with some very interesting extras. Get it, now!

Our Score:

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