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Supernatural Season 1, Part 1

Sam and Dean haven’t had a great childhood. After their mother was pinned to the ceiling of Sam’s room and set on fire by some sort of demon, their dad decided to give up his life and start chasing all things evil, dragging Sam and Dean along for the ride. Instead of the normal childhood kids have, the brothers were taught how to work with arms, hustle people for money and kill monsters. While growing up, Sam gets pretty tired of this life and decided to go to college and try to get a normal life back again. When one day Dean suddenly arrives at the door to tell Sam that dad has gone hunting and hasn’t returned for some time already, Sam goes along with Dean to find their father back. After two days of searching, Sam wants to get back to his place to prepare for his admission interview for college but upon his arrival, he finds his girlfriend pinned to the ceiling in the exact same way as their mom so many years ago. Torn by grief, Sam decides to join Dean and continue the search for dad and meanwhile kill all evil that crosses their path.

Sound and Vision:
The series is very bright with the contrast full open which results in less colorful images but a very hard difference between black and white. This kinda suits the series pretty well and except for some minor compression errors there’s nothing to complain about. One strange thing though, is the fact that the original series is made in 1.78:1 aspect ratio while Warner is delivering 1.66:1. Guess this may explain some of the problems that occur in the image at times.

The sound comes in stereo which is kinda sad seeing that a lot of series these days have 5.1 tracks. Especially with the nice special effects that we get to see on screen, a surround track wouldn’t have hurt.


If you haven’t seen any major horror franchises over the last 10 years and want to catch up, Supernatural is the best thing you can watch. Originality is far to be found and you’ll notice a lot of scenes or stories that you’ve encountered in (amongst others) the following movies: Jeepers Creepers, Final Destination, Poltergeist, Urban Legend, I Know what you did Last Summer and The Swarm. Add to that the fact that the “demon hunting”-part sounds pretty much like Josh Whedon’s Angel and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what Supernatural is all about (except that I haven’t seen any vampires yet). Still, the series does work. The acting is certainly above average and despite originality being very absent, the storylines do sound credible (for as far as supernatural stuff can be credible).

Towards the end of this first part of season one it also becomes clear that there’s more going on than meets the eye so this twist may grow into a very interesting plot in the second part. I for one am already looking forward to seeing the next release.

Warner didn’t put much effort in this release though. There are some minor compression errors present and extras are highly noticeable due to being very absent.

Our Score:

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