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Supernatural Season 1 – Part 2

Sam and Dean have been looking for their dad who’s trailing the demon who killed their mother but when they finally catch up with him, it becomes clear that dad doesn’t want them around as it might be too dangerous. Instead, he sends them off on several other cases where they need to fight evil. However, the forces of evil are well aware that the Winchesters are on to them and are preparing to strike back hard.

When Sam and Dean find out that a trap for their dad is being set up, the only thing they can think of is warning and rescueing him…

Sound and Vision:
This second part of the first season has a bit more color to it than the first part. The contrast is a bit milder and this does the overall quality good. There’s still a very hard difference between blacks and white’s though and this perfectly suits the series. Overall, the image quality has enhanced as Warner has released this dvd in the original aspect ratio of 1.78:1 instead of the previously used 1.66:1 and we get to see less compression errors and grain (except for some intentional stuff)

The Stereo sound is equal to the one of the first part of season one so there’s little to add in that department. Would like to get a 5.1 track for season 2 though.


While the first part of season one was filled with stories that came straight from major horror and sci-fi movies of the last 20 years, this second part is a lot more original with interesting episodes that don’t steal from movies too much and also the red line concerning the mom-killing demon and the search for dad becomes more important. These are things that make the series more interesting and less of a rip-off from movies. You also see that the cast is getting used to their characters as the acting clearly is better than in the first episodes and also the screenwriters have managed to add some depth to the two brothers which is also a good thing.

Overall, the image quality has improved compared to the first part of season 1, but I would still like to see a 5.1 track added with this series. Also some extras wouldn’t hurt.

Our Score:

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