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Supernatural Season 2 – Part 1

At the end of Season 1 we got to see the Winchester brothers with their dad getting hit by a huge truck. This season starts off with daddy Winchester making a deal with the yellow-eyed demon in order to save Dean’s life but eventhough the brothers don’t know this, they do have a hard time with their father being not around anymore. Still, that doesn’t hold them back from kicking major ass against vampires, ghosts and even a very shortsighted hunter.

Sound and Vision:
Like the previous release, we get again pretty decent image with less compression errors and overall good qualiy. Also interesting to know is that this time we get an aspect ratio of 1.85:1.

We finally get a 5.1 soundtrack which clearly is better than the previous 2.0 tracks.

Additional scenes to various episodes.

Part one of season 2 has the Winchester brothers having to deal with the permanent loss of their dad and they’re having a difficult time with that. This makes that qua style we get a bit back to the first part of season one where the different episodes didn’t seem all too much related and the red line story falls a bit behind. However, towards the end of this first part the yellow-eyed demon’s plans start to become more important again and overall tension rises. Fans of the series will be happy to get this third release, but for those new to the series it might be a bit harder to step in. Therefore I would certainly suggest checking out the complete first season first.

Warner delivers this second season with better image & sound than the previous released, but still the extra’s are very thin

Our Score:

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