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Supernatural Season 2 – Part 2

Ghosts, spirits, werewolves, angels, shapeshifters, djinns, and much is again present in this second part of the second season of Supernatural. And of course we can’t forget about the yellow-eyed demon who comes popping up again at the end of the season and which will make for a few surprises!

Sound and Vision:
The image and sound are pretty good. Lots of detail, good contrast, no too obnoxious compression errors nor grain. The 5.1 sound is very convincing with good use of the surround speakers for effects and the subwoofer nicely supports the whole.

Some deleted scenes, 2 audio commentary tracks, bloopers, screentests, and interactive map of the US with references to urban legends, a behind the screens with Christopher Cooper and Ivan Heyden, and last but not least: a “making of” of the episode “All Hell Breaks Loose part 2”. Pretty good stuff.

This last part of the second season continues as the previous one. We get all sorts of monsters and stuff over the floor and Sam and Dean make sure to finish them. Towards the ending the arc of the yellow eyed demon pops up again and we get some pretty nice surprises. Eric Kripke has stated that the first two seasons are like an introduction to the characters (we do get some more depth in Sam & Dean in this last part of season 2) while season 3 will see more action. We sure hope so as currently the single episodes aren’t bad but some more continuing storylines wouldn’t hurt at all.

Fans will no doubt want to have this fourth box, while those that haven’t seen the previous parts shouldn’t be too afraid to start with this one. The seperate episodes are easily viewable on their own and only the last two ones are part of a bigger storyline.

Our Score:

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