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Survivors – Season 1

After a mutated version of the flu virus wreaks havoc all over the world, a couple of survivors meet up and decide to stick together in a world that has become hostile to mankind and where obvious luxuries like clean running water and electricity are suddenly not so obvious anymore.

Sound and Vision:
The image looks very realistic but cold and draft to support the atmosphere of a world that has gone to pieces. Other scenes on the other hand suddenly have warm colors and give a false feeling of security. There’s some grain present here and there as well as some minor edge enhancement but overall the quality is decent.

The 5.1 soundtrack does its job nicely with some use of the surround speakers and subwoofer but it’s quite strange that in fact the intro trailer uses the sound system more than the series itself. During the intro, you tend to want to turn the volume down, but then when the actual episode starts you quickly notice that the volume is toned down. Not quite as balanced as we would like.


Survivors is painfully relevant with the Mexican flu that caused such a panic last year but luckily we survived that and can now check out this series on DVD and see what could have happened. The series takes a number of very different characters and puts them together in a hostile world where people don’t always mean to do good and even if they do, they don’t always do it in the right way. Although it’s sci-fi, it’s also a drama that gives a different view on people’s personality and that isn’t always so fantastic. The actors have been well-cast and especially Max Beesley, who we’ve seen previously as a joyfull manager in Hotel Babylon, impresses with his performance of a criminal and a killer.

What makes Survivors interesting to watch is the interaction between the lead characters and the way they cope with what’s going on taking into account their different backgrounds and problems. If this would have been a US production with bigger budgets, I’m sure it would have been a worldwide success and be able to compete with blockbuster series like Lost or Heroes. So, still wondering whether this is worth purchasing? Wonder no more and just get it.

Our Score:

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