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Suzuki Alstare: Extreme Racing

After having played the horrible Michelin Rally Masters I was wondering what Suzuki would bring, since that was again an arcade racer but this time with bikes instead of cars.

When the installation was done and I started up the game, I didn’t get any mega intro or great soundtrack, but a quiet logo for Ubi Soft and some other companies, so I was getting kinda “Pfff, more shit” but that opinion soon changed.
I didn’t want to waste too much time on this game, so began to race immediately. Rally Masters had put me in some kind of hate-mood against this kind of games.

Big was my surprise when I saw beautiful surroundings, a well-shaped motorcycle and engine sounds pounding out of my speakers.

3…2…1… and off we went ! Full throttle ahead, and after a few seconds I was already in third place. No sign of numbers 2 and 1. I hit the turbo key, went on my rear wheel, and BLAM ! against some rocks ! Wow, look at me fly ! I didn’t know that when one crashes, one can fly about 1 mile further…

Back to racing… I was again in 7th place (of 8) so I needed to speed up abit. It didn’t take me long to gain back the 3rd place and after some turbo boosts I finally ended in 2nd place.

Two races later (one on some sandy beach-road and one on snowy mountain roads) I was on an overall 4th place. … “Sorry, you didn’t finish first” was the message that appeared on my screen.
Damn ! One needs to finish 1st overall (after 3 races) to be able to go to another championship !
As you may have noticed, the gameplay in this racer is pretty good. Next to normal racing you can modify your motorcycle aswell (power, brakes, steering). A tip that I can give is the following : don’t use the same preferences for each race. The second race for instance needs more good steering than power, while the third race is a real power-race.

One minor thingie about this game though : you can only choose 1 bike in the beginning and others come later when you’ve won more races which can become pretty dull, especially because you have to keep playing the same 3 races to get to another championship.

Overall I would say that this game is pretty kewl for a while (nice graphs) if you like arcade racers. Don’t expect to play months with it though because it becomes quite boring pretty fast (when you have to keep playing the same tracks to get to another championship)

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