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Swamp Thing

In the swamps of Florida, scientist Alec Holland and his team are experimenting with formula’s which would get rid of famine in the world. Unfortunately, his research isn’t secret enough to keep the evil Arcane from knowing it so he sends out a bunch of mercenaries that have to kidnap Holland and his notes. When Holland’s camp gets taken over, Alice Cable, a government employee, manages to take one of the last notebooks and hide it but Holland gets killed by the mercenaries and gets his own formula all over him. Arcane takes the notebooks (not knowing one is missing) and leaves, ordering his soldiers to get rid of all the evidence and possible eye witnesses. Alice gets discovered, but right before she gets murdered, a monster comes out of the swamp and saves her.

It becomes clear that Holland’s formula has changed him into something completely different with great powers and it isn’t before long that Arcane – who’s finally noticed one of the books is missing – wants to capture the transformed Holland to find out just what the formula can do to people and get a profit out of the discovery.

Sound and Vision:
For a 1982 movie, the image quality is pretty decent. The level of detail could have been better aswell as the level of black but for the rest we can’t really complain.

The soundtrack is in mono so there’s really nothing we need to add here.

Original movie trailer

A horror flic from Wes Craven should get any fan excited but the PG rating of this movie already says a lot. Don’t expect great tention or anything as the love story between the beauty and the monster is the center of the film and as we all know that hardly makes a great horror movie.

Our Score:

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