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Sweetest Thing, The

Christina is having the best time of here life, partying, picking up boys and dumping them again. Her motto: Don’t look for mister right, but look for mister right now. One evening they are at the disco to cheer up one of her friends after a break-up. While doing her thing, she tries to set up her friend with whatever guy comes around and so she meets Peter. Although both instantly get into an argument, little later this guy gives her a lot of unexplainable feelings, is she in love? And, does she want to accept these feelings.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is decent with nice and bright colors while compression errors are down to a minimum. Edge enhancement isn’t present either but we did see some grain.

The soundtrack lacks some punch but has clear dialogues nicely coming from the center speaker while the surround channels are used for extra atmosphere. The subwoofer only gives some support to the music score but for the rest doesn’t come into action a lot.

We start off the extras with an audio commentary from cast and crew after which we get to see the documentary: “A legend is born: A day in the life of Nancy M. Primetal” which I found to be extremely boring and clearly shows this women is having some problems… Same goes for the documentary: “ Political erection” which tries to show how funny this movie actually is. To finish we get storyboard comparisons, original movie trailer, promo trailers of other films aswell as filmographies of cast & crew.

The Sweetest Thing tries to be a comedy as well as a girl movie. Unfortunately, the storyline is not good enough to keep you interested and the fact that there are certain “musical scenes” only adds to the feeling that there wasn’t enough inspiration to fill a whole movie. Quite disappointing.

Our Score:

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