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Swimming with Sharks

When Gil graduates from the film academy, he immediately gets a position as assistant of Buddy Ackerman, one of the hot-shots in Hollywood. Everything seems to be just great until he realises that his job is a nightmare.

Buddy isn’t a nice guy but a real asshole who doesn’t let any chance go by to pick on his new assistant and make him feel like he’s worth nothing.

When one day, Gil accidentally overhears a phonecall between Buddy and Gil’s girlfriend Dawn where she agrees to meet Buddy at his house at midnight, he decides to stop letting Buddy walk all over him and stand up for himself.

Sound and Vision:
This movie is from 1994 and that may explain why the soundtrack is only Dolby Digital 2.0. Since there’s no real action and the film turns around dialogue, there’s no real reason to have 5.1 surround sound except for creating some extra atmosphere. My guess is that the movie didn’t do good enough at the box office to create a new soundtrack, but the 2.0 sound is fortunately very good and suffices more than enough for this movie.

The image quality is very good although only 4:3 and no widescreen. I didn’t find any specific errors on the DVD and edge enhancement is also abscent.

The specs don’t sound like a DVD of this time, but when checking it out, you’ll see that the abscense of widescreen and 5.1 sound is pardoned by the overall quality.

Trailer and director’s commentary. Nothing much to be said about this.

I can be very short in a conclusion about this movie: great! Spacey is terrific as the asshole boss Buddy Ackerman and the storyline itself has a nice turn which will make most people look surprised. Get it!

Our Score:

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