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Stanley Jobson, a notorious hacker, gets free on probation and isn’t allowed to come near a computer anymore. Gabriel Shear (Travolta), however, has other plans with him and sends the attractive Ginger (Berry) to bring Jobson to him, no strings attached – and don’t take me literally on this 😉

Once in contact with Shear, Jobson gets the choice to either follow Shears plan and save his little daughter or have some not so pleasant things happen to him. Jobson chooses for the his daughter and starts helping our Shear with his plan to transfer millions of secret government funds to Shears accounts.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is except for some minor viewable edge enhancement perfect. Good contrast, no artefacting, great color use and no aliasing. Same goes for the Dolby Digital 5.1 track which is sublime from beginning to the end. The only “minor” we could find was that the aggressive music during action scenes sometimes overshadows the dialogues, but when you’re watching this kind of movie you won’t even notice it.

Director’s commentary, alternative endings (two of them, but with truely bad image quality), a promotional featurette on the making of, a short feature on the special effects and the grand explosion in particular, trailer and a short overview of cast & crew (without real biographies) make that this disk is nicely filled with extra’s. Add some very interesting easter eggs (interview with Travolta and Jackman aswell as a music video) and you could almost say this is a special edition.

Travolta as bad guy, bullet-time explosions and loads of action. Anyone want some more ? Ok, don’t look for the hidden meaning in the storyline as there isn’t any, but still this movie is definitely worth watching. The amount of interesting extras give this DVD release that last drop which makes you should have this one in your collection.

Oh, one last note : the nudity in the Rating is done by Halle Berry 🙂

Our Score:

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