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R: Racing

Ridge Racer used to be a rather succesful arcade racer on the Playstation 1 but when Ridge Racer 5 became an utter failure on Playstation 2, Namco kinda dropped the series. They had a new idea: “If arcade-racing doesn’t sell anymore, we’ll make a realistic racing game!” and thus R: Racing was born. However, with […]


Soul Calibur 2

Soul Calibur was a revolution on the Dreamcast when it was released so you can imagine the expectations being very high when a successor was announced. Now, on all three major console platforms, Soul Calibur 2 has been released. Let’s see if the game lives up to the hype. Let’s first start with the beginning, […]


Moto GP3

Where is the time that we could see Eursport through regular cable ? One of my favorite sports which we could see was bike racing. And I’m really not the only one that likes it, that’s the reason why we’ve been thrown so many games to our head with a bike as subject, one better […]


Dead to Rights

The Wachowski brothers could obviously never have guessed what effect their life work, The Matrix, would create. Not only did they become millionairs, a lot of recent movies used the much acclaimed bullet time. But this nifty trick also found his way into the gaming industry and has already filled our hearts with happiness. Max […]


Alpine Racer 3

Where shall we begin? Okay, let’s start off with the scenario. Sports games usually don’t really need a nice plot or a good story, but it does stand out if it does have one. Unfortunatly, no such luck. Alpine Racer 3 does start off with a promising intromovie though, promising you some outspoken characters and […]


Tekken 4

Tekken 4 is the latest in the worldwide known fighting series from Namco where the player has to beat all opponents to win the title of King of Iron Fist and on the way defeat the forces of evil. When Sony’s PS2 was released, Tekken Tag Tournament was released but unlike what most people thought, […]


Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil

The PS2 doesn’t have many platform games although this is quite an important console genre, but Klonoa 2 is here and wants to give us the joy of gaming like Mario, Crash Bandicoot and Sonic. I’m not going to bother you with the story of this platform scroller because as usual you have to rescue […]


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