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Wii Sports

What do you get by combining five sports, personalised characters and the wireless wiimote? A crazy partygame which will keep you and your friends occupied for hours. Clear the floor from tables and chairs, make sure to put on the wrist wrap tightly, we’re doing sports here! Since Wii Sports is given free with the […]


Metroid Prime: Hunters

Metroid is – together with Zelda and Mario – already years one of the most succesful games of Nintendo. The first game in the series was released on the NES ans since then there’s been no Big N console without a Metroid game. Always you would play with the best bounty hunter Samus Aran but […]


New Super Mario Bros

Last time we met her, Princess Peach prooved to the world that she can be a tough little biatch. While Mario got captured by Bowser, she came to the rescue to kicked major ass! So what happened next? The girl gets herself captured again and it’s up to Mario (again) to free her. Stupid woman! […]


Animal Crossing: Wild World

With a happy concept and cartoony look, Nintendo wants to attract an other public, besides the hardcore gamers. Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS) fits perfectly in that picture. Maybe that is why it’s labelled “kiddie” so often. But how childish is this game really? And what’s the difference with the predecessor on the GameCube? It’s […]


Super Princess Peach

Bowser has finally managed to do it: he’s captured Mario and Luigi! After having been rescued endless times herself, Princess Peach finds it her duty to finally return the favor to the friendly plumbers In short, the above is the storyline for Nintendo’s latest platform game. Of course, we don’t care much about a storyline, […]


Mario Smash Football

After about 25 years, you would think that Mario has been doing everything you could do with him. And right you are, now he even plays soccer and looks a bit serious this time (yes indeed, you wouldn’t expect that!). Moreover, he seems to be quite trendy. The outfits looks like they are sponsored by […]


Mario Kart DS

Good news for the Mario Kart-fans with a Nintendo DS! This super cool and crazy race game is now also available on two screens. Out of my way! Who is used to play Mario Kart Double Dash on the Gamecube, will need some adaptation to the fact that you’re all alone in your flashy kart. […]



Nintendo has often been looked at as being childish. They aren’t really defending those accusations by releasing Nintendogs. Does this mean only the little ones can enjoy this game? Absolutely not, but the fun will last longer if your actual or mental age is below 10. Women who read this will probably think I’ve forgotten […]


Another Code: Two Memories

Another Code: Two Memories is the first point&click adventure for the Nintendo DS, a bit like we know them from the early PC era. A much spoken about title that wasn’t supposed to be released outside Japan but due to the many requests from fans did come to the US and Europe. A title that […]


Donkey Konga 2


The Bongo’s for the Gamecube which were first deliverd with Donkey Konga, may well bring you fine relaxation, but we haven’t seen many games using them. Donkey Konga 2 is more of the same but do we have to be happy about that? First of all, I’ll explain the rules to those that aren’t familiar […]


Mario Party 6

We’ve seen Mario defeat enemies, play tennis, golf, cart, and now we see him again as pawn on a gameboard in Mario Party 6. Is the game after 5 previous episodes still interesting or can we leave laying on store shelves ? Of course there’s no beautiful story or anything, the goal is to have […]


Mario Power Tennis

Next to jumping on the many enemies in the Mario-platform games, our friendly, fat, plumber also does some sport. Think Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour and new also the latest new branch in the sport series, Mario Power Tennis. The latter is the subject of this review. The Nintendo64 version got high […]


The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

The connectivity between Gamecube and GBA hasn’t really been used up until now. Final Fantasy Chronicles already gave you a taste of what could be done, and also Pokémon Colosseum had some use for it but wasn’t really used in-depth. Next to that, there were a couple of games where you would need both the […]


Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Back in the days of the 2D-age, Donkey Kong was one of the most well-known game characters. Together with his friends he would go out on typically 2D-sidescrolling platform adventures and whoever dares to deny these were super cool is a total idiot. The first announced Cube game featuring Donkey Kong was Donkey Konga (not […]


Super Mario 64 DS

Thé launch title for the Nintendo DS is without a doubt Super Mario 64 DS. It’s a brushed up version of the original and well-received Super Mario 64 on the Nintendo64 but more expanded due to the addition of a multiplayer mode and addictive mini-games. Has Nintendo already found a topgame already for their new […]


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