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MX vs. ATV Untamed

Rainbow Studios has given birth to the x-th MX vs ATV game and the pregnancy was no doubt not filled with rest and selfconfidence. With DiRT and Motorstorm some topgames have risen in the genre that attack the niche of the series with polished and exciting gameplay. The makers have concentrated on offering more content […]


Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

Who remembers Sonic R? Not that many visitors, I presume. If you do remember the game, it means that you bought a Sega Saturn that died a painful dead with only a handful of long forgotten games. Sonic R was the first race game with Sonic. You could run or just race with a car. […]


Need For Speed ProStreet

The smell of gasoline and burnt rubber are a must for every car freak. Each year we dare going on the road (as true fan or just out of habit) with a car in the newest Need for Speed game. True to tradition the game doesn’t follow the rules of realism and we just have […]


WipeOut Pulse

To spare you and myself some time it’s best to read our review of Wipeout Pure. Done? Then you’re ready to see what’s changed in this latest episode, called Wipeout Pulse! Pure was of course one of the best launch titles for the PSP. Its colourful and sharp graphics, stunning sense of speed and online […]


Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice

Who didn’t dream as a young kid to be a supercop? Just deal with the criminals the hard way and ignore all rules, since rules are meant to be broken. Sadly reality is different, but luckily we still have games like Pursuit Force on the PSP. Extreme Justice is the second part and would be […]



I’ve never understood the incredible popularity of NASCAR racing. Maybe it’s the fact I’m European and thus have grown up with Formula 1 and rally racing, but still. Aside from the spectacular crashes every now and then, what the hell is interesting about seeing a bunch of cars constantly veering to the left? And another […]


RACE 07: The Official WTCC Game

Everyone has a dream. Some people dream about becoming a race pilot. They think about how immensly thrilling it must be to overtake their biggest rival in the last turn of the last race and win the championship. Unfortunately not everyone is called Kimi and not everyone can be a race pilot. Enter SimBin, the […]


Fatal Inertia


Some developers have a hard time combining their fantasies with the possibilities on our earth and a result of that is often a trip to Mars, Jupiter or Pluto and such. This is also the case with Fatal Inertia, a racing game with extra-terrestrial vehicles on another planet. Fatal Inertia can best be seen as […]


Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights

Introduction It has been a while since I’ve had the chance (and time) to write a review for our beloved Fragland, but about a week ago a big white envelope containing a bright green disk case was delivered to my appartement : the Juiced 2 – Hot Import Nights – review copy. Nice and juicy […]


Project Gotham Racing 4

PGR3 was without a doubt a fun racing game that in the beginning of the next-gen racing experience could convince with beautiful graphics and smooth gameplay, added with extensive online possibilities. Bizarre Creations, however, was less pleased as due to time pressure they didn’t manage to realise the ultimate vision of their racing game. With […]


Moto GP 07

You’ll have to search long to find a man who doesn’t like speed or bikes and of course the gaming world pays attention to that. MotoGP has been scoring pretty well the last couple of years on both PC and X360, but does Moto GP 07 manage to keep up the pace? Let’s see… Moto […]


Stuntman: Ignition

Who doesn’t dream of the possibility to drive incredibly powerful cars while pulling off some crazy stuff and getting paid for it? For those of you who never got the opportunity here’s the next best thing: the Stuntman-series. It all began with a magnificent action/race game on PlayStation 2 and now, a couple of years […]


FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage is nothing more than a HD-version of a game we could already play on Xbox, PS2 and PC some time ago. For the fans of the series with an Xbox360 under their HDTV this is easily recommendable For those that haven’t tried the series or isn’t sure whether they should take out […]


Colin McRae: DiRT

Colin McRae: DiRT is probably not what most of the veterans from the series expected. The maker chose for a more arcade approach but in return promise more variation and graphical power, which should make the series a lot more accessible for gamers who aren’t specifically looking for time trials and flawless driving. What you’ll […]


Rally Championship Extreme

Rally Championship Extreme (RCX) is supposed to be the sequel to Rally Championship 2000 (RC2000). Good that they have told me that, because the only similar item between the two is the fact that both are rally games. RC2000 was designed around the British Rally Championship. For that purpose the programmers, Actualize, made a video […]


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