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Two Worlds II

In 2007 the first Two World, a typical RPG aimed at the action aspect like Oblivion, arrived. The game gave you a huge open world, hours of gameplay and the necessary variation to actually spend those hours on. Still it was only mildly received due to the rather crappy finishing and many bugs. Luckily the […]


Two Worlds

The disc had those two worls printed, Two Worlds. My first RPG after all the demos of such games I’ve played. I dared to put it in my drive and got dragged along in a medieval era where I’m told the story of the war god Aziraal who had lost in a great war. Things […]



The Middle Ages, a period of fear for inhumanity, fear for God, fear for the rich and the Church. In many aspects comparable with the Fragland editorial office with übergod Speed and his devilish right hand DoubleD who take good care of us, but nevertheless… Time to delve ourselves in the “real” Middle Ages to […]


Heli Heroes

It has been a while since I played a game like Heli Heroes. It’s a scrolling shooter for the love of god. Weren’t they extinct? Visiting an arcade in a local fair still reminds you that these were once played, but those days are long passed. Flying your machine and just pressing that ‘shoot’-button as […]