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Divinity 2: Ego Draconis

Belgian games, they’re not always something to be proud of. Still the last couple of years have seen some international top titles, like Outcast of Appeal and Divine Divinity by Larian Studios. The latter now has a sequel and at Larian they’re hoping to get equally high scores as with the original. The game plays […]


Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Mario is completely back. Not only does he make the Wii again a playground for the platform lovers with New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but on top of that Nintendo treats us with a new Mario RPG for the DS. Of should we say a Mario, Luigi and Boswer RPG? In Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s […]


Aion: The Tower of Eternity

One of the biggest dangers for a developer of a payable MMORPG is that only few gamers will give a game a second chance. For many the 30 free days are enough to know whether they’ll spend months or even years online, or ditch it in the dustbin after the trial period is over. Aion: […]




Something for die-hard role players, hardcore first person shooterfans, or something for both? Read on and find out whether Borderlands is a succesful mix. Borderlands is an ambitious role-playing game by the guys from Gearbox who most will know from the Brothers in Arms series, and two original Half-Life expansions before that. A surprising choice […]


Overlord II


After the previous Overlord, who you played in the first game, got thrashed the minions again have to search for a new one. After travelling the world for years they’ve finally found what they’ve been looking for for so long. Somewhere in a godforsaken ice village a little boy with magical powers lives and gets […]


Star Ocean: The Last Hope


Star Ocean: The Last Hope is the newest part in the Star Ocean series, that is mostly known for its real-time combat. Why this RPG is worth putting in your X360 is told below, just like why the series isn’t known for its storylines and characters. In a few decades mankind kicks some serious ass […]


Pokémon Platinum

The Sinnoh-region is a treaturous paradise. The green acres, snowy mountain tops and white beaches hide the true face of this wicked land. A land that suffers for some time already from a catastrophe that’s unequalled, a plague of apocalyptic proportions. I’m of course talking about Satan’s unwanted bastard children: the Pokémon. Where our problems […]


Runes of Magic

I myself have always been fan of paying MMOGs aka P2P. I would rather have been shot in the head than to be found touching a “free” MMOG, but still I’ve played Runes of Magic and am feeling still very much alive. It looks like miracles do exist! What many readers will immediately notice is […]


Rise of the Argonauts

The combination of RPG with the action-genre isn’t new but hasn’t always delivered good games. Rise of the Argonauts tries to blend both genres again in the hopes of delivering a top title. In Rise of the Argonauts you play Jason, the king of Iolcus. The story starts on the wedding day of you and […]


Fable 2

Fable 2 is not wat you would call a typical RPG, or even a typical game. Surprisingly grown up, full of wonderful British humour and equipped with gameplay that does not immediately remind of other existing games or experiences. My adventure in Albion might not have lasted that long, but it did make an impression […]


Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is a fantastic game that almost manages to fulfil the sky-high expectations. The legendary status of its predecessors hadn’t only managed to create heightened discussions between fans and passers-by, but also nostalgia-driven impossible demands. Luckily Bethesda chose to do their own thing and the developers came with a game that will be described […]


Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

Some will probably think that developers that release fantasy MMORPGs are crazy. Who in his right mind would challenge the undefeated champion World of Warcraft after so many have failed in the past? The answer is simple: Mythic Entertainment and the franchise they use isn’t the least as Warhammer was the origin of everything that […]


Valkyria Chronicles

In between all the gaming violence of the last couple of weeks there’s a game that sadly hasn’t gotten all the attention it deserves. Sega delivers a pearl of a game with Valkyria Chronicles. People who thought that November and December would be expensive gaming months could best relook their Santa Clause list and see […]


King's Bounty: The Legend

A long time ago (in 1990), King’s Bounty was some sort of predecessor of Heroes of Might & Magic. Anno 2008 we get this sequel which was inspired by that same series. The mutual influence is clearly noticeable which doesn’t mean both are copies of each other but that those that like Heroes will probably […]


Sacred 2: Fallen Angel


When Ascaron in 2004 introduced Sacred nobody thought this hack&slash RPG would become such a big success. It was therefore no surprise that the developers some months ago announced Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. The people who can’t wait for Diablo III will certainly be able to dig Sacred 2, but does the game deserve the […]


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