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The year is 2027. Over the last sixteen years, North and South Korea have reunited and have quickly become a new Asian communist superpower. The United States -in decline after a series of epidemics and fuel shortages- have been invaded and occupied by the Korean People’s Army. The American people live in fear and oppression. […]




I already found the first images of Bulletstorm to be phenomenal, but I was concerned about the gameplay. Can this game glue gamers to their controllers? After all, it all just comes down to killing your opponents in different ways. Won’t this game bore easily? At E3 last year I got a brief opportunity to […]


Killzone 3


It took Guerrilla Games only two years to deliver an epic successor to Killzone 2. Only two years the Helghast had time to mourn the loss of their great leader Visari and give their big empire a new spine. We fortunately needed a bit less time to get rid of the red-eyed creeps for the […]


Halo: Reach


Despite the fact that Halo: Reach most of all builds further on the strengths of its predecessors it’s the best and biggest Halo game up to now and one of the best shooters ever on console. A must-have for everyone with two thumbs. Now we’ve made that clear, let’s tell you why! This newest – […]


Call of Duty: Black Ops


Hurray! Finally a Call of Duty where you can somewhat follow the story which succeeds to actually interest you from the intro to the hardly original – but decent nonetheless – final endscene. Just like in many moments during the game the devs steal from all kinds of movies and TV shows to immerse you […]


Medal of Honor

After about eighty shooters that handle World War 1, 2 and the Cold War, Medal of Honor arrives with a breath of fresh air through the series. No more Germans or Russians that plug holes in your head: you get to take on the Afghans! Afghanistan may not be all too happy with that, but […]


Metroid: Other M

Giving Samus to the people of Team Ninja was a risk for Nintendo. As flamboyant and unpredictable and ingenious as they are, they could become overconfident and completely wreck the special, lonely and mysterious atmosphere of the Metroid games. But fans of the blone babe shouldn’t worry: Metroid: Other M may be “different” here and […]




There are many games that get a ton of hype before their release, but often the disappointment after playing is equally big. On the other side there are games that you hardly hear about but get decent review scores nonetheless. Singularity is part of the latter. Not a real top title, but a gaem that […]


Red Steel 2


Using the Wiimote as a sword, it sounds like a great idea, but how it was done in Red Steel 1 wasn’t all too perfect. Ubisoft now tries again with Red Steel 2 and while L0k1 was quite positive about it in our preview, the question is whether that same feeling remains with the final […]


Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Haggard, Sweetwater, Marlow and Sarge, the group of hoodlums from Battlefield: Bad Company are back in a new sequel. DICE tries to tighten things up from the first part and injects the multiplayer with some innovations so the game earns a place next to other military shooters. Whether they’ve succeeded in that is something you […]


SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs: Fireteam Bravo 3

SOCOM is a name that guarantees beautiful multiplayer violence on the Playstation. Still it’s managed to get quite a following on the console’s little brother, the PSP. SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs: Fireteam Bravo 3 is the latest part in the handheld series and will have to do its utmost best to keep up the reputation […]


Aliens vs Predator

Alien, successor Aliens, and Predator are movies that have determined my youth. The first is the ultimate sci-fi horror movie, the second one of the the best action movies ever and the third is just a perfectly made pulp with every five minutes a scene that I loved playing myself with my brothers. And of […]


BioShock 2


I’ll admit it: it was with some resemption that I went down in the underwater world of Rapture for a second time. Although I was never completely convinced by the gunplay in the original game, its unique setting and atmosphere were not easy to forget. Therefore I feared to get disappointed with the sequel which […]


Left 4 Dead 2

Time for a sequel! That’s what Valve must have thought after the equally unexpected as overwhelming success of the first, and quite limited, Left 4 Dead. That the game was a small top title is something you would discover after only a few minutes of playing already. Infected would storm at you like in the […]


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

It feels pretty useless to write a review for a game that in the first 24 hours after release alone already sold 5 million copies in the US and the UK. It’s therefore up to me to convince those last two people that Modern Warfare 2 is worth getting. Joe Schmuck, here we go. Some […]


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