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It’s time for some Epic Arcade Baseball Action! Probably the most boring team sport that has spawned from the minds of our American cousins also needs its digital equal. And of course, with any sports game that requires you to use a certain extension of your arm, you can expect some unique extras for the […]


NHL 2k8

Sports games have their fixed place on both consoles as well as PC. Two major developers that constantly return are EA Sports and 2K Sports. From the latter we already find their latest NHL-game, NHL 2K8, in stores and we’ll see in this review whether it can take on its rival from EA. Games like […]


Rockstar Games Presents: Table Tennis


When Rockstar announced they would be making a game based on Table Tennis for the Xbox360 I thought they had gone insane. The company that’s notorious for Grand Theft Auto making a sports game? A sports game based on TABLE tennis? Which lunatic came up with that idea? At least, that was my first thought […]


Tony Hawk's Proving Ground

For years now the Tony Hawk games have been dominating skateboard country. Some minimal exceptions not taken into account the successful, but after a while somewhat lazy, series by Neversoft really had nothing or no-one to fear. With the arrival of EA’s Skate this has (thankfully) finally changed and we may hope that the guys […]


Football Manager 2008

Football Manager is a game which manages to amuse me year after year. Especially last year, FM 2007, was one of the best throughout the entire legacy that is Football Manager. Although some people seem to be happy with the coming of the annual release, others can’t understand what’s so interesting about this virtual management […]



Here we are again, at the end of the year, with EA’s seemingly endless wave of new sports titles. Save for the US (where Madden NFL is king), FIFA is by far the best selling title in the annual line-up. Despite three earlier next-gen attempts (06, 2006 World Cup and 07), EA hasn’t gotten FIFA […]


Tiger Woods Pga Tour 08

The Wii, and mostly its method of control, is starting to create a dilemma: how do you review a sport game about a sport you don’t know anything about or just plain suck at in real life. Now on the Wii you have this sport game where the Wiimote registers everything perfectly, so you are […]


Everybody's Tennis

Sometimes there are be games that get ignored by the masses, but whcih are actually very interesting. Everybody’s Tennis could be one of these unfortunate titles. Read on why. At the first glance this game looks incredibly kiddy. The famous tennis players we know from real life, like Federer or Henin, are replaced by a […]


SSX Blur

I’ll admit it. I’m a total noob in SSX. I only played one of the previous games a little, but couldn’t get used to the controls. Tony Hawk was in my fingers way too much while SSX differed quite a lot from that. Too bad, as I heard a lot of good about the snowboard […]


NBA Street Homecourt

People over at EA Sports Big have already gotten to their 4th NBA street title. NBA street is everything BUT a realistic basketball game where you’re supposed to do as many tricks as possible and take the ball to the rim with one explosive move. In this newest version, NBA Street Homecourt, it’s no different. […]


UEFA Champions League 2006-2007

Electronic Arts goes hard with their soccer games. We’ve already gotten two FIFA’s and of course the World Cup version and now we get to check out UEFA Champions League 2006-2007. This time, however, we can’t say EA didn’t make any innovations as you can collect player cards and use them in a completely new […]


Madden NFL 07

Developers of sports games have one big problem: how do you make sure to have enough innovations and improvements in your yearly update to justify the price of the new title? EA and Madden NFL pose this question every year but with Madden NFL 07 on the Wii the answer was easy: the controls! And […]


NFL Street 3


Several years ago people at EA Big started with a somewhat fantastic version of the most popular sports. Basketball, soccer and American football. The last one is the subject of this game. The very first NFL Street was very promising, but the later version (the second) proved less special and innovating. Let’s hope the third […]


Mario Slam Basketball

Getting basketball to play realistically in a virtual environment, it’s been tried many times before. The minority has actually succeeded in this goal. Think about 2K Sports’ NBA 2K’s or the NBA Street (although not very realistic) series by EA Big, every game being worth playing. Unfortunately there are also less successful games out there, […]


NHL 2k7

Just like pretty much every European, I know little or nothing about the typical US sports like American football. Save perhaps for basketball. Still, every year I’m looking forward to the new entries in EA’s NHL and 2K Sports NHL 2k franchises, as the gameplay in both games is easy to pick up, but hard […]


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