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Red Alert 2

Red Alert was one of the all-time best Real-Time Strategy games, and Westwood couldn’t resist to make a sequel to it. Since Tiberian Sun wasn’t much of a big seller, RA2 just HAD to be good to make up for the disappointment Westwoods latest RTS games had made. The world is peaceful again, and the […]


Emperor: Battle for Dune

When Westwood and Electonic Arts announced that they were busy with a new strategy game based on the Dune-license, alot of people were thrilled. Even more when they heard that the game would have a real 3D engine (a first time ever for Westwood) and that the game would be released in just a few […]


Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge

Yuri’s Revenge starts where Red Alert 2 ended. The war is over and peace florishes again over the earth… but not for long. Yuri, the sick and psychotic Soviet traitor, is not dead and wants to dominate the whole world with you being our only chance to stop him ! Yuri has spread dozens of […]


Command & Conquer Renegade

Westwood enters the FPS arena with a game inspired on their never-ending license of Command&Conquer but does a good license make a good game ? In the case of Renegade it does not. You start off as Havoc, an out-of-control commando who fights on the side of the Global Defense Initiative who are obviously the […]