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Taking Lives

When a corpse is found in a construction yard in Montreal, the local chief of police asks FBI agent Illeana (Jolie) to help him. His two detectives aren’t too happy with the help though but quickly Illeana finds out that the murderer is Martin Asher who has been killing people for 20 years already and each time lives the life of the person he’s murdered for a while. Little later, an artist called Costa (Hawke) comes into the office claiming he’s a witness to a murder. It becomes clear that Costa must have seen Asher right before taking over yet another life and now it’s very possible Asher will come after Costa so the police decides to give him some protection.

When Costa gets scared, he decides to take a plane and get away but Asher gets to him right before he wanted to leave and takes Costa in his car. When Costa manages to stop the car by crashing it into a truck, Asher flies out of the window and dies. The case seems over, but little later Illeana gets a call from Asher’s mother stating that the dead man in the morgue isn’t her son…

Sound and Vision:
A recent movie should have good image quality and Taking Lives has what it takes. Good contrast, lots of detail, dark colors with solid level of black, … There’s some minor grain present but it gives some additional emphasys on the atmosphere along with the dark and stylish picture.

The soundtrack has quite a lot of bass which makes it warm and dynamic. Dialogues are crystal clear while the surround speakers are aggressively used to create some additional atmosphere.

Crime Lab: A Taking Lives Documentary: A pretty complete Making of which is set up in seperate parts but you can also play it as a whole. It contains the following sub-sections :
– The Art Of Collaboration
– Profiling A Director
– Bodies Of Evidence
– Puzzle Within The Puzzle
Deleted Scènes
Theatrical Trailer
Gag Reel

When it comes to the technical side of things, we really can’t complain. Warner delivers again a great product and the only thing one might comment on is the grain but in my opinion it’s intentional and not because of the transfer to DVD. The extras aren’t overwhelming but enough for a standard movie and that’s exactly what Taking Lives is, a pretty standard thriller that is nice to watch but will not be remembered.

Our Score:

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