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Taking Sides

Major Steve Arnold (Keitel) has to find evidence against Dr.Wilhelm Furtwängler who is suspected of having collaborated with the Nazis during the war. From the beginning of the investigation it has been made clear to Arnold that Furtwängler needs to be proven guilty no matter what as the US army wants to use him as an example for the rest of Germany. Arnold takes his job very seriously and starts to dig into archives and interviews several ex-colleagues of Furtwängler. When it seems that nothing can be used against him, Arnold starts heavy interrogations to get Furtwängler to confess.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is fairly good with decent contrast and detail. I didn’t spot any edge enhancement and artefacts or compression errors weren’t detected either.

One might say that a dialogue-driven movie doesn’t need great sound, but a Dolby Digital 5.1 track would have been nice on its place here as now the speech and music sound a bit flat and hollow from time to time

Theatrical trailer and photo gallery

Taking Sides has a very strong storyline which makes you think about the way Hitler managed to brainwash the German people and how some Americans acted towards Germans in the period after the war. Too bad of the soundtrack

Our Score:

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