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Taxi 3

The French taxi driver is back ! Daniel lives together with his girlfriend Lilly who’s tired of living in a garage and decides to leave him. However, when he finds a pregnancy test, he’s convinced his girlfriend is expecting a baby and wants to do all he can to win her back. Meanwhile, his friend Emilien is working harder than ever to catch a gang of thieves known as the “Santa Clause Gang”. In fact, he’s working so hard that he hasn’t noticed his girlfriend Petra is 8 months pregnant! By accident, Emilien and Daniel catch up on one of the gang members and before long, they’ll have no time anymore to pay much attention to the women as they end up in a big chase…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality has a nice amount of detail and is pretty sharp. The colors are also magnificent but unfortunately we did spot some compression errors and some grain towards the end of the movie (in the scenes with loads of snow in the background). The graphics aren’t the best we’ve seen but the amount of compression errors and grain is not bad enough to really disturb.

The soundtrack is nice and vibrant with cool sound effects and good use of the different surround channels. A job well done.

Except some filmographies and the original theatrical trailer we don’t get anything.

People who know the “Taxi” movies from Luc Besson will know what they’re in for: a Peugeot 406 that’s tuned to the maximum and does the most incredible stuff with a mad driver behind the wheel who makes the whole police force look like the idiots they are. Well, it’s typical French humor and you like it or you don’t. Personally, I found it to be one of the better French comedies (I liked Taxi 2 a bit more) with a couple of really hilarious scenes. Too bad the extras are a real disappointment

Our Score:

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