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Team Factor

I’ve got to be honest with you guys, it’s not going to be easy to write this review. I received Team Factor a couple of months ago, and to this day, I haven’t enjoyed the game a single time I played it. I am going to keep this review short, because the more I think about it, the less I want to write about it.

First things first, the Team Factor is a Multiplayer Tactical Shooter with some Role Player Game (RPG) elements incorporated into it. Once you join a server you have to choose between three (!) teams, each with their own objective. Within each team there are three player classes: Sniper, Scout, Soldier and Specialist. Of course, every class has it own specialised weapons and weapons even differ between the three teams !

It was the developers objective to create a real-life realistic touch to the gameplay. With that in mind they added stamina and weaponskills features to every player. This is a true inovation, credit where credit is due ! The better and longer you play with the Soldier for instance, the higher you weaponskills get. This is of course targeted at the 1337 online gamers with loads of time and a good (broadband)-connection :). This feature also gives you the chance to choose a character that best suits you skills and to perfectionate them.
But, I’m afraid I didn’t like the stamina-feature… it sometimes happens that you have to cover a larger part of terrain, and after a short sprint, your character kinda looks like a helpless grandma strolling along in the park on a lazy afternoon. Put this into 1337 gamers words: you’re a sitting duck, dead meat, an easy target etc 🙂

Having tried several servers, it struck me that servers can run in two different modes: realistic and arcade. The Realistic mode is … well… IRL realistic (duh), with minimal feedback on you HUD. In Arcade mode you get more information (enemy identification on your HUD) but the zooming is restricted on sniperrifles for instance. Although I wish you good luck in finding decent servers, there aren’t a lot around 🙁

Ok, on to gameplay: a comparison can be made with the very well known game counterstrike. Enough said, you would think, but I’m afraid it’s not so: Team Factor has some disadvantages one of which is the loss of stamina when sprinting across an open area. Another disadvantage is the playermovement, it’s … well… “shaky”. I don’t know however if this is caused by the game itself, or by high delay-times on the servers I played (as I said, no decent servers around I’m afraid).

I can be short and sweet about the graphics: they suck. Plain and simple. It’s a step backward. Don’t blame it on me, my graphicscard is one of the most powerfull around. It’s clear that the developers considered realism more important than nice graphics.

The sound is quite nice, espcially considering that there are more than 50 different weapons available. But nothing out of the ordinary.

In conclusion, Team Factor has some nice features and I respect the developers for incorporating some RPG element in the game. They have succeeded in making the game pretty realistic (if server is set in that mode), but I’m afraid there is still work to be done. Graphics and the shaky figures should be worked on. I wish them luck on their future projects!

(my apologies for this shabby review, but I blame the game)

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