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tedDuring his childhood, John Bennett never had any real friends until one Christmas evening he got Ted, a big teddybear, from his parents. Later that evening John made a wish that Ted would come to life, a wish that was granted. Ted became a national celebrity but once the media hype was over, “normal” life returned for John and Ted and both remained best friends.

Several years later John has been in a relationship for four years with Lori who has an issue with the fact that John’s friendship with the foulmouthed Ted results in him not wanting to grow up and limiting himself to a crappy job at a car rental company while for the rest he’s only interested in having fun with Ted. When John again fails to make true on a promise made to Lori and instead goes to a party with Ted, Lori decides it’s been enough: John has to decide between the bear he’s been friends with since his childhood and the love his life.

We’ve seen movies about puppets coming to life in the past, but Seth MacFarlane, the brain behind Family Guy, did make something special with Ted. The story as such isn’t spectacular and follows pretty standard laid out paths, but the character of Ted, for which MacFarlane himself did the motion capture and voice, is. The hilarious teddy brings inappropriate behaviour to the next level and succeeds to constantly be rewarded for this in the movie, something that of course forces you to laugh over and over again.

The jokes are rude and often sexual of nature, but they do work perfectly and you would really have to make an effort if you don’t want to burst out in laughing. This also thanks to the work of Mark Wahlberg who acts so well that at no time you get the idea he’s working with special effects but instead really start believing he’s working with a live teddy..

The side story regarding the kidnapping may have been a bit over the top and isn’t necessary, but that doesn’t stop us from being able to say that Ted is without a doubt one of the best comedies we’ve recently seen.

On the image and sound we can again thank Universal for delivering excellent quality. The CGI doesn’t show as such, the image is very sharp and the skin tones are natural. The sound especially gets noticed during storm sequences and the chase scene near the end where we noticed that all channels are very well used, while for the rest the dialogues are perfectly positioned and never get overthrown by music or effects.

In the extras department we get a fun audio commentary with Wahlberg (only 25 minutes) and MacFarlane, a decent Making Of, a gag reel that isn’t so funny, and some deleted and altered scenes.


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