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Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Ten years after the Terminator was defeated by Kyle Reese, Sarah Connor and her son John Connor (son of Kyle) have gone through a lot. John has had enough of his mother as she has constantly been preparing him for the task he has on his hand and Sarah has been sent to a mental hospital to get rid of her delusions of cyborgs ruling the earth in the future. When suddenly a terminator finds John and explains that he’s been sent by the resistance to prevent a new terminator model from killing John, they go rescue Sarah and try to get away from the T1000 terminator that has been sent by Skynet.

Sound and Vision:
Terminator 2 dates from 1991 and the enhanced image on this Blu-ray makes some of the special effects (especially in the beginning when the Terminators arrive) look like scenes from Tron. Indeed, the colors are so overly bright – especially the red – that it’s almost like watching a videogame. However, don’t let that hold you back as overall things are really good with sharp images, good contrast and no compression errors. A very good transfer!

The DTS soundtrack adds nicely to the atmosphere with plenty of use of the surround speakers and subwoofer and there’s really nothing to complain about.

The start off, there are three versions of the movie present: The original screen version, the special edition and – if you type in the code from the back of the metal box – the Extended Special Edition. I checked out the latter and to be honest, the epilogue you get to see is quite boring and doesn’t fit in the global Terminator storyline so it’s a good thing it didn’t make it when the movie was originally released. Next to that there’s a buttload of extras that combine just about everything that was released on previous dvd’s.

James Cameron gave all he had for creating Terminator 2 and so did ILM who made the special effects. This Blu-ray release has three versions of the movie as well as all extras that were included in all previous DVD releases. As such, this is just about the best release of Terminator 2 we’ve ever seen. The great image & sound quality along with the different movie versions and the ton of extras make this a must-have.

Our Score:

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