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Terminator 2 (Ultimate Edition)

Ten years after the Terminator was defeated by Kyle Reese, Sarah Connor and her son John Connor (son of Kyle) have gone through a lot. John has had enough of his mother as she has constantly been preparing him for the task he has on his hand and Sarah has been sent to a mental hospital to get rid of her delusions of cyborgs ruling the earth in the future. When suddenly a terminator finds John and explains that he’s been sent by the resistance to prevent a new terminator model from killing John, they go rescue Sarah and try to get away from the T1000 terminator that has been sent by Skynet.

Sound and Vision:
the remastered movie has good image quality with great contrast, color brightness and contrast, detail and shadow depth. The very small amount of aliasing and grain aren’t a problem while edge enhancement is. In scenes with lots of contrast you can see a white line around the characters and that’s a flaw we can’t have.

The new soundtrack for this DVD release is one you can test your expensive system on. Both the DTS and DD5.1 track are extremely good and constantly use the surround channels in split-surround.

This two-disk ultimate edition hasn’t stolen its name. Next to the new soundtracks and director’s cut of the movie (including 15 minutes of new screen material) we get loads of extra’s starting off with audio commentary where the creator of the DVD put several interview parts together to form a full commentary track. Several bio- and filmographies are included on the first disk aswell as a THX optimiser which you can use to fine-tune your video and audio systems.

The second disk starts off with a short featurette which has some behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with cast&crew. Next are a couple of deleted scenes with commentary on why they had to be removed and a featurette on how the 3D attraction in Universal Studio’s based on Terminator 2 was created. Next up are the full scripts, storyboards, 60 (very) short behind-the-scenes featurettes, trailers and teasers. All in all a very complete dvd release

James Cameron gave all he had for creating Terminator 2 and so did ILM who made the special effects. This DVD has the director’s cut with added material along with loads of extra’s to give you all possible information on how the film evolved from scratch to a major production. Any lover of sci-fi should consider this as a classic and should not leave this one in the shop collecting dust.

Our Score:

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