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Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

After his mother died, John Connor (Nick Stahl) has gone wandering around without a specific goal. The burden of having to lead the resistance after almost all of humanity has been killed is a heavy one and barely tolerable. When the machines in the future notice they can’t get to John, they decide to send the extremely deadly T-X (Kristanna Loken) back to the past with as goal to kill all future lieutenants of John. The Restistance is aware of these plans and decides to send back again a T800 (Schwarzenegger of course) to protect them. Meanwhile, John has encountered a former girlfriend just when the T-X arrives to kill her…

Sound and Vision:
Terminator 3 is a very recent movie and this results in image quality which really excells. Amount of detail is amazing, the image is extremely sharp, the levels of black are very good and compression errors are completely abscent. Almost perfect if it weren’t for some minor edge enhancement which tends to show its ugly face from time to time.

The soundtrack is of the same quality: extremely aggressive stearing of the surround channels and subwoofer while the dialogues remain crystal clear and understandable coming from the front center speaker. The car chase is definitely a scene that can be used to show off your surround system.

The 2-disc special edition has a short introduction by Schwarzenegger who wishes us all the fun we can have with watching the movie on disc one. Furthermore on disc one are two commentary tracks, the first one with cast members Kristanna Loken, Claire Danes, Nick Stahl and Arnold Schwarzenegger while the second one has director Jonathon Mostow who talks about the technical aspects of the film process while the first track only has info on the acting and the working together of the cast. Last on disc one are teaser- and theatrical trailer, computer game promo’s and trailers of SWAT and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.

Disc 2 is where the good stuff is located as usual, starting off with a promotional documentary which combines movie clips with short interview fragments. Terminal Flaws: T3 Gag Reel are a couple of bloopers after which you can check out a short featurette called Dressed to Kill where the clothing is discussed Toys in Action has Todd McFarlane talking about the T3 toys his company is making while Making of the Videogame has some info on the T3 computer game and it was created. Sgt. Candy Scene is a scene which was recorded for the videogame and this featurette gives clarity on why the Terminator looks the way he does. T3 Visual Effects Lab is a menu item where you find many interesting things about the design and visual effects and you can check out how several scenes were created as there are Crane Chase, TX Transformation, Future War, Crystal Peak and CRS Lab. Create Your Own Effects is a nice feature where you can choose to add or remove certain effects in a scene. The Skynet Database gives you extra info on the characters and machines from the movie while the Terminator Timeline is an overview of the three Terminator movies. All in all quite a lot of extra’s, but unfortunately none really high-standard. More promotional stuff than really interesting.

Terminator 3 is better than I had expected. It can easily match The Matrix: Revolutions when it comes to excitement and action as well as visual effects (the Crane chase is even better than the car chase in Matrix 2). Columbia Tristar has delivered great image & sound quality and a bunch of extras. Unfortunately these extras are more of the promotional sort than really interesting. Definitely worth checking out and if you’re even remotely a Terminator-fan you shouldn’t even be thinking about whether or not you’ll buy this one. Just go to the story and get it!

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