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Terminator (Special Edition)

Apparantly, in the future, the world is ruled by machines under the leading of Skynet and only a group of rebels are capable of resisting the overwhelming power of machines. John Connor is the leader of these rebels, and the idea of the machines is to send a terminator back to 1984 to kill John Connor’s mother. The rebels hear of this plan and send back Kyle Reese, John’s best friend, to protect Sarah Connor. When he arrives in 1984 however, Sarah doesn’t believe the story he’s telling and the cyborg terminator is getting very close to killing her.

Sound and Vision:
This special edition is taken from a new master and the beginning of the movie suffers from grain and white dots, making it appear that they’ve used a much-played film as master. After a couple of scenes, however, things start to clear up and image quality becomes very good even with nice dark shades, good contrast and color balance and no apparant edge enhancement.

The original movie had a mono soundtrack, but this special edition received a completely new Dolby Digital 5.1 track which is very nice. Speech is crystal clear, surround channels are used all the time and in split-surround. Also your subwoofer will have its work as basslines are often present. Great sound !

We get two documentaries, the first being interviews with Schwarzenegger and James Cameron who give some insight on how the movie came to life, while the second one has several people from the cast and crew who talk during 60 minutes on several aspects of the film. Next we get seven deleted scenes, 3 trailers, 2 TV commercials, the original script, picture gallery, production notes, publicity photo’s, etc. Also for DVD-rom owners there’s 3 different scripts available.

Terminator is a classic sci-fi movie which still stands in this time. Throw in the huge amount of extras that are available on this disk and you’ve got one huge winner. Must Have!

Our Score:

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