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Angela is working on an examination paper about violence and pornography on television and in movies when she asks her professor to check the university archives for movies that never were released because too violent. The day after, she finds her professor dead in the university aula where he watched a video which apparantly caused him to get a heart attack. Being interested in knowing what kind of movie could have such an effect on a man, she takes the tape home and watches it, to find out that it’s actually a snuff movie where a young girl is being beaten and afterwards killed.

She decides to show it to her friend Chema who tells her that he knows the girl and that she used to be a student at the same university as them but disappeared two years ago. When Chema finds out that the video was made with a camera which was very hard to find in that time, he and Angela start to investigate who might have been the man with the mask who killed the girl on the tape. But when Angela finds a student with an exact same camera as the one used for making the video, her life becomes in danger and she realises that she can’t trust anyone anymore, not even her friend Chema who seems obsessed with violent movies.

Sound and Vision:
While the beginning of the film has some dirt and errors on the print, the overall quality is decent with sharp detail, natural colors and no edge enhancement.

The sound is kinda hard to listen to but the dialogues are clear and well-positioned at the center speaker. The film is dialogue-driven so don’t expect too many special effects although from time to time you’ll hear the volume boosting up which is good.

The 18 minutes Making Of is pretty interesting with interviews with cast and crew. Next up are a couple of deleted scenes without any commentary, storyboards, info on cast and crew, and of course the trailer. The usual stuff.

Tesis is a thriller with a very slow pace, but Amenabar succeeds in building up the tention and although throughout the movie clue’s are given to the observant watcher on who might be involved, the real identity of the killer remains unknown up until the last moment. This dvd is worth checking out, certainly if you don’t mind non-English spoken movies, for the good storyline and technically everything is ok as well.

Our Score:

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