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Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The

A couple of youngsters are on their way to a concert when they see a girl walking next to the road. They decide to give her a lift but little later she shoots herself in the head. Not really knowing what to do, the group heads to the nearest restaurant where they contact the local sheriff who asks them to meet up with him at a mill. When they arrive at the meeting place, there’s nobody except for a little boy who doesn’t really show too much confidence in the sheriff. As the police takes a long time to arrive, two of them, Erin (Biel) and Kemper (Eric Balfour) head off to find a telephone and end up at an old mansion inhabited by a crippled old man. While Erin phones the police station to see what’s taking the sheriff, Kemper enters the house to be grabbed by a man with a leather face.

Erin, not knowing what has happened, returns to the van to find out that Kemper hasn’t come back. Together with Morgan, she heads off back to the house to find out what has happened with Kemper and find themselves little later being attacked by the man with the leather face who’s holding a chainsaw…

Sound and Vision:
RCV has done a terrific job. The movie is very dark and the very detailed picture with high contrast and some minor grain emphasises very well the atmosphere. Compression errors are absent and edge enhancement has been used only scarsely.

The soundtrack is very dynamic and adds a lot to the atmosphere. Surrounds will be building up effects for scary moments while the subwoofer has a large portion of bass to give. Meanwhile, dialogues remain clear and well-positioned at all times.

None except for a couple of trailers of other dvd’s from RCV

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre we have here is a remake of Tobe Hooper’s 1974 classic which was based on a true story. It doesn’t happen too often that a sequel or a remake are good but this is the second one I’ve seen in a short period (Dawn of the Dead being the first) that succeeds. The tension is constantly present, the characters are well-made and the overall result is great. A certain buy for everyone that likes horror flics. Only too bad RCV didn’t put up any extras as with this film they’re really missing…

Our Score:

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